MT/ISO Integrator

based on our extensive experience with various payment systems and platforms throughout the years. our platform is designed out of the box to integrate with all leading clearing houses for “ACH” solutions whether commercial or controlled by central banks, in addition to all major EFT provider (SWIFT, Target 2 securities, SEPA, UK CASS etc,) and …

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FINCrime Sanctions Lists Screening

Financial institutions are facing the complexity of meeting the never ending sanction lists changes and updates. The ever-changing sanction lists landscape with no finite or unified list to follow are forcing financial institutions to ensure their compliance by scanning multiple lists in order to avoid dealing with a blocked entity. Regulatory requirements force financial insitutions …

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RBA Client Risk Scoring

One of the most prominent tools utilized by financial insitutions is the “Customer Risk Scoring” modelling. Nü.bank “Client Risk Scoring” module assists financial institutions in “Quantifying” the risk related to new (onboarding) and existing clients Financial institutions needs to measure risk levels continuously. Quantification of Risk involves ranking, rating/scoring and profiling clients. Download Brochure for …

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FATCA/CRS came to light by taxation authorities in order to force the detection of undisclosed financial assets held by citizens in foreign countries. Although FATCA & CRS utilize the same XML reporting format, the whole process of account detection, reporting jurisdictions and reportable transactions are totally different. The main objective of both FATCA & CRS …

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